in omnia paratus 3

Info 2018-03-01 06:51:19

Home server Asia 2

Prepared in all things, ready for anything!
That is the Latin
translation for 'In Omnia Paratus'

Whe where Born in the arena and there is no place to hide! "iop" got the game experience and strenght. Whe got also the 'i' 'o' and 'p' in our names 'iop', it's the recognized sign for im overpowered.

We respect each other in who we are, and like to play rucoy.


Requirements for joining:

- Team player
- Dedicated player
- 300+ defense
- Guild app invitation (pm gl or cap)
- Name change
"name" iop

- You have to challenge one of our guild members in the pvp arena, and win the fight in order to join "iop".

You are now ready to join our guild, In omnia paratus!