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I originally created this website to help new users find information about items, monsters, maps and guides.
But, over time is grow into this large project with the help of the community.
The site information is mostly sourced from the APK and testing from us and the community!
If you hav information you would like to share please use the contact Us form below!


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Bilko Rk


Bilko Rk
Exo Butcher
Barones Yukii

Contributors: Calculator

LewiIdeas, Testing
Evil FvckerIdeas, Testing
Daxter XzTesting
Bad Small kekTesting
Princess PeachTesting
TribridExp Formula
TribridExp Lost Formula

Contributors: Other

LewiItem Prices
NepentheItem Prices
Sgt Bilko RkTraining
Exo CloroxMonster EXP

Contributors: Maps - Old

Evil FvckerIce, DR1, DR2, DR3
Bar God PaladinIce, DR1, DR2, DR3
EligiusDR2, DR3
Evil IsaiahDR2, DR3
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