Rucoy Newsletter 4

New Official Art Released


Hello Everyone and welcome to another day of hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger. We have gone another week without an update. As people began to wonder what was going on, a new piece of artwork popped up on the google play store.

At first people thought it was fake (many people bashed the first person on reddit for posting about it) and many people were toxic. A certain player was outraged at these peoples behavior towards this person especially since a lot of them were ones that complained about people being toxic. More artworks began to surface on the playstore hinting at a dragon boss, new area and maybe even a new map entirely. However there was no Update (unless it gets released today, in which case it will not be reported on until next week). Its very clear peoples expectations for this update are big especially since the update in July. We are definetly due a large update. Not all people will be pleased with the update though but that is just life. While many people like the new artwork not all people are (I think I said that twise now). Raiderknight is among one of these people.

“Why do they keep working on these minor things no one cares about. That would probably take me 1 minute to make while it probably took them 5 days”, Raider Knight

He does hope an update is close though. Hopefully we will get an update within the next two weeks (otherwise I will run out of things to report on) and it will be a big one. If not the game may possibly die. EVENTS DO NOT COUNT AS CONTENT UPDATES. Anyway enjoy hitting your monsters on repeat to get stronger, as I hope you enjoy it. :)

Weekly Quests

This weeks quest is a tough one, but lets see if you can do it.

This weeks quests are:

  1. Hunt down and kill 5 Bosses.

Article by: JamesSmh

Author: Agdron

Date: 2018-01

Rucoy Newsletter: 4