Rucoy Newsletter 2

Christmas Is Here


Hello people and welcome to another day of hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger. However, today once again is no normal day of hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger. No. Yesterday the Christmas event within Rucoy began bringing some new stuff to do.

All Monsters now have a chance of dropping a Christmas exclusive item called the Christmas Candy. When you consume this item your head turns into one of three costumes. These include a snowman with a top hat, The Red hat of santa with a beard and a green elf hat. The Evil Santa boss has returned and has come with his healer elf friends. But he is not alone this time. There is now an Evil Snowman Boss.

These monsters both spawn in specific areas. Evil Santa spawns in the Dragon/Ice entrance and the Evil Snowman spawns in the Zombie area and the Drow area. The debated rarest item in the game, The Spiked Ring, has returned and drops from Evil Santa. You will also be able to get the stat necklaces off of Evil Santa. Apart from town gaining a festive look that is about it. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope the best for you.

Five Drops From One Boss?

Yetserday on SA4 the Evil Santa boss after several trolls told a few people that there was no boss. This boss took around three minutes to defeat. The boss then dropped the two rarest items along with three extras. Has this ever happened before???


Price Limit Raised To 9 digit Prices

The new price limit in Rucoy is now 999,999,999 after the recent update.

"This makes selling swift boots easier and less people will be scammed", says a player who doesn't want to be named.

Author: Agdron

Date: 2017-12

Rucoy Newsletter: 2