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New Newsletter

I don’t think the reaction Agdron thought he would get was what he would get yesterday morning when he said to Seikatsu that he was starting a news letter for the discord.

Seikatsu only spoke once another moderator decided to post “I’m Awake” which Seikatsu replied to with a “Good Morning”. Good greeting that is. I shall use that here. Good Morning Rucoy Players and welcome to another day of hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger. But today is no normal day of hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger. No, today is the launch day of the Rucoy Newsletter.

This newsletter is intended to keep you up to date on what goes on in the Rucoy Community… and also to give you something to read while hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger. A normal Issue will be one page long (3 Articles, 2 below this one and some entertaining crossword, word search or comic). A special issue like next weeks Christmas Issue may be two pages long. Since this is the first article, there will be one article and that is this one. However don’t worry I haven’t left you without entertainment though.

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Author: Agdron

Date: 2017-11

Rucoy Newsletter: 1