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Be careful, its so breaking that it could make your bones snap! Hello everyone and welcome to another day of hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger. Sorry about the no issue week last week, there was no news last week, but there is this week.

Anyway onto the BREAKING NEWS: Which is so breaking it could break your bones. The (Former) Top Player Deadflag was passed by new top player Snejkol. Snejkol’s level currently stands at 574 making that picture horribly outdated (by one level). Players say this is the first time the former top player has been passed in a long time, some even say its the first time. Thats what makes this BREAKING NEWS: so breaking it could snap your whole body in half. The question is, does Buble bee doo daa guy (Bumbler) plan to take over, or Scroticus. Find out next time on BREAKING NEWS: So breaking that your finding Hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger is F.U.N!Weirdos…

Evil Link Bot Spammers, There Are No Free Diamonds!

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There have been many bot spammers spamming bad links to virus websites. The bot spammers are fake. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Be safe out there...

Author: Agdron
Date: 2018-02
Rucoy Newsletter: 5

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