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Info 2018-04-07 21:16:13

Weird, chill, relaxing guild with no judging about others whatsoever. Is there PvP involved? That's not up to me if you want to PvP or not, it's your choice and your choice only. I won't make your decisions for you. Once you join here, please find a way to show your loyalty by adding Ctb in your name! :) Now, that's out of the jurisdiction...

Hi, I'm Ness! The founder and creator of this wonderful guild! If you're weird, welcome aboard! If you're chill,and easy going, welcome aboard! If you want to relax, again, welcome aboard! This guild has no requirements, that's right! I'm not picky! You're all welcomed to Ctb! Hope you'll enjoy your stay as I enjoy seeing you all! ^~^

Just send me a DM in game saying you want in and you'll be added!

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