arsenal 53

Info 2017-08-31 13:32:06

Arsenal, or Ars, is a good, strong, and friendly guild. We always try to push our members to the be the best they can. We will always look out for you and help you whenever you need aid.

Ars has many active members, and there will always be someone online. We use discord when we are not in the game to stay in contact with others, notify about boss spawns, pvp and kos messages, and just to have fun!

Arsenal has been around for around 5 months, and plan to be for many more. If you have any inquiries about us please feel free to message any of the names on this list, preferably the leader or co-leaders. If they are online at the time, they will respond.

Requirements to join are at least 250 base or stats, just one is necessary. If you are just out of the required amount, message one of us, and the leader will make the final decision.

Allied With; Tyranny, Evil, Wise