Rucoy Newsletter 6

Lack of News

Hello Rucoyians, and welcome to another yawn day of hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger.

We are in dark times people. Ricardo (the developer of the game) has not said anything to anyone in ages. He has decided that leaving us in the dark is the best way for us to know something great is coming. OH WOW SOMETHING GREAT. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT HE SEEMS TO BE DEAD SO WE ARE GOOD.

The last full content update was 7 months ago. I don’t care who says the Christmas and Halloween ones count BECAUSE THEY DON’T. Those were just the event getting activated but of course the over positive people said that they were the “BEST UPDATES EVER AND THEY COUNT”.

Anyways I need some help. Since I am not on the game 24/7 because I am very bored I need help finding news from around the community. Whether someone got 3 drops off one boss, a massive raid happens or two guilds get locked into a war then I will put it in. Make sure if you do tell me about something that you go into detail. The new schedual for the newsletter is every 1 to 2 weeks. Enjoy your hitting of the monsters to you get to a higher stat level. Goodbye!

Author: Agdron

Date: 2018-03

Rucoy Newsletter: 6