Rucoy Newsletter 3

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to another day of hitting monsters on repeat to get stronger. Rucoy turned 2 years old on Monday the 1st of Janurary. We are also now in a new year. On Sunday we said goodbye to 2017 as it became 2018 we can hopefully hope the best for this year.


I’m going to list off some things that could be expected this year in rucoy.

  1. Guilds, probably the most wanted feature in this game.
  2. Quests, whats the point of having a game with really no challenges or story.
  3. New Areas, no doubt we are going to get new armour sets, bosses, monsters and more areas to explore.
  4. New Traini… oh wait thats just my opinion. So thats about all we can possibly expect from this year. Oh and about that image above, well read onto the next article and find out what was going on there.

Prime Time For Rucoy Discord

On Thursday (or Early Friday GMT)

Players taking part in a pvp event organised on the Rucoy Discord

gathered on Na3 to level up level 1 account.

Then after an hour they were all taken to the arena.

This event had a great turnout of spectators.

This had a downside though. The spectators though spectating was killing the contestants

in a massive pvp war. Seikatsu moved everyone to the quiet and safe NA4 where they could do the event in peace. Later on the Discord set on Fire with loads of players joining. They had a mini concert in the music chat and people talked into the night. Be Sure to join the Rucoy Discord to get into these events.

I honestly don’t think this newsletter will go anywhere else though.

Weekly Quests

The weekly quest is a new thing for the newsletter by JamesSmh, so that you guy have something to do in game.

This weeks quests are:

  1. Kill 5 Dragons with normal attack.
  2. Hunt down a goblin lord.

Article by: JamesSmh

Author: Agdron

Date: 2018-01

Rucoy Newsletter: 3