The use of a training weapon to attack a monster slowly over a long period of time.

This causes you to deal low amounts of dmg and save time that you would normally waste running from monster to monster.

When using a training weapon it binds the monster and protects it from other players. Other players will not be able to damage this monster while you're training.

Tick vs Hit

Tick: Swinging or shooting at a monster is a tick.

Hit: Dealing damage to a monster (Counts as a Tick)

Each tick gains you experience towards leveling up your skill.

Power Training (PTraining)

Power training is when you spam your special attack to hit multiple monsters. This also counts as multiple ticks.

Archers can gain 3 ticks per special, as long as you attack 3 monsters.

Warriors can gain 5 ticks per special as long as you attack 5 or more monsters.

Mages can also gain 5 ticks per special as long as you attack 5 or more monsters.

5 is the current limit to a number of ticks you can apply towards experience per attack.

This is mainly because of the large disadvantage of archer that can only deal 3 ticks per special.

10 Tick Rule

When training, always make sure you have at least 1 hit every 10 ticks.

If you do not, you will stop gaining experience towards your skill. If you are an Archer or Mage is this very important, as if you do not have a hit every 10 ticks you are wasting mana or arrows and will not receive experience towards your skill.

Author: Bryku

Date: 2017-12

Guide: Training