Sadly Rucoy Online has scams just like anywhere else, please look though some of the example below.

Trading, Buying / Sharing Accounts are some of the more popular scams, if you are ever worried about a scam, don't do it!


Currently there is no trading system in game, a common way to trade if when you and the person your trading with stand 7 tiles away from each other and you both drop your items you want to trade. Then you walk past each other to pick up your new items. This is often used to scam new players, A faster player will pick their item back up and run over to your item and pick it up before you can get back to it.

there are other examples of this, sometimes the player you are trading with might have a friend who is online on a different server. They are able to change servers and pick up someones item. We highly recommend never trading, just take your time selling your items and buying the items you are looking for.

Buying Accounts

We highly recommend never buying accounts. Rucoy Online uses google for handling account information. Google has a lot of different recovery methods for their accounts.

This means, someone can sell you an account and take it back later on. Even if they don't take the account back they may still be able to get the password login and loot the account.

This also should be considered when account sharing, as above we do not recommend sharing accounts or giving out your passwords.

An additional reason to be wary of buying an account is the possibility that the original owner botted. Botting in Rucoy Online is against the rules, which may result in a ban.

Beware, bans tend to be done is large group every few weeks. You may end up buying account that is on the "to ban" list.

If you have your mind set on trading, buying accounts, buying items or account sharing please double check with the community to see if there are others who can vouch for them.

Author: Bryku
Date: 2017-01
Guide: Scams