Rucoy Classes

Rucoy Online currently has 3 classes to pick from: Archer, Warrior, Mage. Each class has 1 special attack and selective skills that give them different advantages.


Melee is very strong in pvp and pretty good for pve. It is somewhat slow to lvl, so many Warriors will have a second skill. Distance is the weakest skill, but it is very good for leveling and picking off randomly located monsters.

Sometimes you will see Warriors use magic instead of distance. This will help them deal massive dmg while their enemy is at a distance. This is great for when someone tries to run or when they are running towards their enemy.


Archers are the weakest class, but because of how easy it is for them to get exp they can lvl pretty quick. Levels are very important to an archer because each lvl increases your speed.

Kiting, (running while attacking) archers are very good at this because of their skill which auto targets. As long as they can outrun a warrior they should be able to always win against one.

Archers are very expensive. Arrows cost around 2gold per arrow (50 gold for 25 arrows from the merchant.) For an archer to skill train, they can easily spend 50,000 gold for one skill level. Because of this, many archers will also train or use melee. This will help them gain defense and if they run out of arrows they should be able to at least make some money from weaker monsters.


Magic has the highest dmg, but it can be difficult when facing higher lvl monsters. You can still move and fire explosions, but with their weak defense and the possibility to get trapped, it can be dangerous.

Sometimes you will see mages train another skill, but they are so powerful in pvp that training their magic higher just give them an advantage, while training another skill is somewhat wasting time.

One and Done

Simply put, if you focus on 1 skill... at least in the beginning, you will be able to do more dmg and kill more monsters a lot faster than someone who wastes time on all three.

If you are new I would suggest using each skill until it is lvl 50. Don't train the skill, but use it as you would normally when hunting monsters. This will give you a good sample of how each class works and it will also push your defense and lvl up above the rest of your skills.

If you do decide to use magic or distance at this point you should have been able to save up some gold for equipment, potions or arrows.

Many players will say your skills suck for your level, but just ignore them. You can always train your skills once you find the class you like best and it will save you a lot of time. Imagine being lvl 200 and deciding you want to become a mage instead of an archer. That's a lot of time wasted on distance.


Each time you lvl you gain HP and MP and speed. These are very important for a few different reason. Often Times in pvp it can come down to whoever and use potions the fastest, but if you run out of mana you're going to lose. So instead of using a health potion, you use a mana potion, that puts you at a huge disadvantage.

Also, equipment is lvl based. if someone is lvl 274 using lizard equipment vs someone lvl 275 with dragon equipment. The lvl 275 has a huge advantage.

It is pretty common for players who get near the next set of equipment they will grind levels instead of training, so they can get that equipment bonus.

Do You

You can play Rucoy how ever you want to. If you don't like training all day, don't train. Do you, whatever you like best and have fun.

Best of luck in your new adventures!

Author: Bryku

Date: 2017-01

Name: Classes