1. Respect other players in game and on chat.
  2. Don't use third-party software to play or manipulate the game.



Software you can use with Rucoy Online.


Items can have different stats or functions that can health, buff or strengthen your character.


Monsters attack near by players, but beware they can change targets anytime based on argo [Aggression]. If a monster is attacking one player, but you attack it with your special you are creating the argo and the monster will target you.

When the monster dies they give the player or players experience and they have a chance to drop items.

Expierence is split up amoungst all those who attacked the monster and the items can only be picked up by those who attacked that monster.


You can be killed by both monsters and players, but don't worry you will always respawn at town.

When you die from a monster you lose experience, but if you die from a player you lose gold.


Training is done to increase you stats [Distance, Magic, Melee] to gain an advantage in fighting monsters and players.


There are two types of currency, Gold and Diamonds.

Gold can be used to buy items, but some easy ways to make gold are:

Diamonds can be used to increase your vault and friends list or change your name, but the most common use is to buy custom outfits.

When you buy $4.99 or more your name will change from green to blue to show that you support the game, but you can also buy them from other players.

Author: Bryku

Date: 2017-01

Guide: Getting Started


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